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Nina Vaurula

Educraftor is a Finnish consultancy focused on processes for building purpose-driven innovation and learning ecosystems/clusters around the world. We have 15+ years of experience with regional development, large-scale strategic projects for systematic change, integrated and organisational management systems. These give a sound foundation for kickstarting innovation ecosystem change, which in turn fundamentally changes the culture of learning, innovation, entrepreneurship and education in the regions Educraftor has worked in.

Educraftor has been running educational programs, about entrepreneurship, team learning, design thinking and innovation processes at the grassroots level. For this Educraftor has for example run Edujams (design thinking and creating concepts) and Eduhacks (team development and prototyping). The participants have been of different ages (7 – 60+) and from very different backgrounds and cultures both nationally and internationally. 

Educraftor is currently also part of a global initiative to transform the digital learning ecosystem, and through this fulfill the mission of providing high-quality education to everyone globally. One of the initiative’s main goals is to create a digital backbone for learning and education microservices enabling a global transition to a microservice architecture. This in turn enables the access to both better quality and more services and relevant data for both service providers and users of the services, as well as lowers infrastructure risks and reduces resource inefficiencies. 

Educraftor is currently working in several projects related to design thinking in education, both on Regional (Erasmus+) and national (National Agency for Education in Finland) level. Currently the projects are focused on how adult educators can use design thinking tools and methodology in their own future work. In another project we are supporting online teachers through a design thinking process to create the tools, processes and methods they need to renew and now bring their teaching online. As a third theme, entrepreneurship education and how the design thinking process can support the entrepreneurial mindset and processes for creating user centric solutions, projects, products and organisations.

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