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Marina Letonja

DOBA Business School is a modern private business school dedicated to the development of innovative individuals who are interested in improving their knowledge and competitiveness. Our high-quality programmes available in Slovene, Croatian, Serbian and English language, reflect current academic standards and requirements, giving our students an edge in the contemporary European and global business environment.

We are an internationally recognised institution that awards accredited degrees. All bachelor’s and master’s degrees conferred by DOBA are accredited by the Slovene Quality Assurance Agency (SQAA), a member of European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). DOBA holds the honour of being certified by Efmd EOCCS (Online Course Certification System).

We highlight the importance of practical experience: students prepare practical solutions to the challenges provided by companies. DOBA encourages and enables various types of cooperation with companies already during your studies. Many employers recognise the valuable combination of practical skills and experience DOBA graduates bring to the table. Courses have been shaped through the cooperation of teachers and practicing experts and are updated every year to be in line with current and future business trends. Visiting national and international experts contribute to the enrichment of the programmes. From the first inquiry through graduation and beyond, prospective students, students and alumni have a dedicated support team. During their studies, students are assigned a personal tutor who motivates students for successful performance and monitors their progress. Students have the opportunity to study in internationally varied groups and to work with other students who bring new ideas as well as their own professional and cultural experiences enriching the learning process. This cultural exchange provides added value to our programmes. Our students have numerous opportunities for networking and strengthening both business and private connections.